All Saints Anglican Church Opportunity Shop

Thank you !

A great big thank you to The Anglican Parish of All Saints Rosebud with St Katherine’s McCrae, operators of the All Saints Opportunity Shop in Rosebud for the very generous cash donation that we recently received from the Church.
These funds have been spent on a large freestanding oven and hotplates unit that will be installed on arrival, in the kitchen. We were also able to fund the new cupboards and bookshelf unit that will accommodate our collection of books and magazines. Our newly appointed librarian, Les Thomson, is most pleased.

The Op Shop regularly donates to people in need in the community, as well as community groups in the area. It is known to give as much as $80,000 in an average year. The shop is run by volunteer members of Saint Katherines Anglican Church in McCrae and All Saints Anglican Church, Rosebud.
A letter of thanks has been sent to the Church.



2019 SBDMS Christmas Dinner

Christmas Dinner at Safety Beach Sailing Club

Our Christmas dinner this year will be held on Wednesday 17 December 2019 at the beautiful Safety Beach Sailing Club.
The event will start at 6:30pm with drinks on the balcony overlooking Safety Beach.
Thanks to a very welcome concession by the Club to community organisations such as ours, we have been able to keep the cost down to a very reasonable $40 per head for a two course dinner of main course and desert. Drinks can be purchased at the bar.
Please book early by adding your name(s) to the sheet on the noticeboard at the Shed and making payment to the Secretary, John Whalley.

Computers in the Shed

Thanks to our generous sponsors we now have 4 All-in-One computers, as well as the laptop purchased some time ago. The latest additions were made possible by a large donation from the All Saints Op Shop and from Mornington Holden and Peninsula Honda. The dealerships not only donated a PC but committed to ongoing sponsorship based on purchase of their vehicles by our members in future.

Three of these computers are for the use of all members in the Shed, including for demonstrations for those who want to learn about using computers and getting to know some of the more popular computer programs.

We also purchased three new chairs suitable for these computer stations.

Here are some of the things you can do on these computers. 

  • Learn more about computers from the videos on our web site
  • Look for items for sale on Ebay
  • Show videos on just about anything that interests you, using YouTube
  • Look up a website using this web browser – enter the website name into the address bar 
  • Look up a member’s face on the Faces page on our website to identify a member whose name you can’t remember
  • Find the address or email address of another member 
  • Play some music you like using the Spotify
  • Learn about you to use one of the computer programs listed on our website
  • Browse Facebook
  • Have a look at some images on Instagram

 If you need help with something on the computer  – ASK FOR HELP

  • John Whalley
  • Rick Plummer
  • Denis McKeegan
  • Philip Price

or just sing out – someone around the table will be able to help


Waste not, want not

Is there no end to this man's talents ?

Denis Berg, using the left-over concrete from the dust extraction pad, completes the apron to the recently upgraded storage shed.

At Last ! Our dust extraction system is underway

 At last, after more than a year of delays, Council has given us its blessing to go ahead with phase one of the dust extraction system. Council engaged outside contractors to excavate the site, prepare the foundation for the concrete pad, and pour the concrete.


The completed pad will need about three weeks to cure after which the dust extraction plant will be relocated from storage inside the building, and will erected by the manufacturer, EzyCut, on the pad outside.  EzyCut will also install the main trunk of ducting through the wall and along the southern perimeter of the building. Once that work has been completed we will erect a fence around the plant for security.